More diversity in Debian skills

This blog post has been co-authored with Francesca Ciceri.

In his Debconf talk, zack said:

We need to understand how to invite people with different backgrounds than packaging to join the Debian project [...] I don't know what exactly, but we need to do more to attract those kinds of people.

Francesca and I know what we could do: make other kinds of contributions visible.

Basically, we should track and acknowledge the contributions of webmasters, translators, programmers, sysadmins, event organisers, and so on, at the same level as what we do for packagers: DDPO, minechangelogs, Portfolio...

For any non-packaging activity that we can make visible and credited, we get:

Here's an example: who's the lead translator for German? And if you are German, who's the lead translator for Spanish? Czech? Thai? I (Enrico) don't know the answers, not even for Italian, but we all should! Or at least it should be trivial to find out.

To start to change this, is just a matter of programming.

Francesca already worked on a list of trackable data sources, at least for translators.

Here are some more details, related to translation:

And here are some notes about other fields:

And finally, if you are still wondering who those translation coordinators are, they are listed here, although not all teams keep that page up to date.

Of course, when a data source is too hard to mine, it can make sense to see if the workflow could be improved, rather than spending months writing compicated mining code.

This is a fun project for people at Debconf to get together and try.

If by the end of the conference we had a way to credit some group of non-packaging contributors, even if just one like translators or website contributors, at least we would finally have started having official trackers for the activities of non-packagers.